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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Student Bloopers

Going through old files, I found one in which I had preserved some student bloopers:

A cry that was bone-chilling to the ears.

The phrase “ignorance is blitz” is manifested in this novel.

We talked about everything from previous relationships to future relationships.

[Use the word in a sentence that indicates its meaning:] 
You will be prevailed before your wedding.
She wore a prevail before the wedding.

Their consummation of water surpassed that of any of their neighbors.
He made a pot of chicken consummation.
Witches oftentimes belong to a consummation.

            The monks lived a life of depravity with no luxuries.

Here Virgil is explaining to Dante the punishment chosen for the lustrous people such as Paolo and Francesca.

To have money meant power and importance in society and this was the dream of every pheasant.

Chaucer’s Wife of Bath is such a manipulating character with so many extremities.

Gremio, the pantaloon, is convinced that he is a suitor to Bianca; however, his age and insufficient dowager leave him behind in the race for her hand.

This man has all of the feminine characteristics that were appealing on men in Shakespeare’s time; however, the young man does not have the short comings of a woman.

The promotion of sexual conduct that the Duke [in Measure for Measure] does is done ultimately to promote monotonous relationships in the marriages that he creates at the end of the play.

Rafew our lives how we will there is a divinity that smooths them out.

Lady Macbeth convinces him by playing with his manlyhood.

The author of this poem [“A Hymn to God the Father”] is speaking to God asking if he will forgive all of his own sins in iambic pentameter.

She portrays a heroine who sometimes resembles a goddess but is yet human with faults and prejudisms.

“The Second Coming” is about the end of the world and the birth of the anarchist.

James Joyce:  the cult leader that influenced a few hundred people to “start again” building a so-called ideal Christian society in South America.


Blogger Russell Nickel said...

So good! I always knew pheasants had dreams of greatness.

1:02 AM  
Anonymous Don said...

Maybe God does speak in iambic pentameter.

11:16 AM  

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