"I would we were all of one mind, and one mind good." --Cymbeline, V.iv.209-210. An English teacher's log. Slow down: Check it once in a while.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

In Memoriam M.D.N.

to Mark a Day of Nativity

The mark of a man is not
His safe and scarless hide
Hidden in a cave
From the truth outside.

Fear is the mark of a slave,
Binding him to flight
From a phantom torture
Into endless night.

Truth marks men with a sword
Of keener edge than steel
To cut the heart of darkness
And by its wounding heal.

The mark of a man is patience
Truth’s piercing to receive:
Ready for the dying,
He is free to live.

And free the living sing
To praise the loving art
That marks for perfect heaven
The truth-cleft heart.

May God grant the perfect heaven of his peace to the soul of my friend.